US Stocks

Stock market in the United States of America (U.S.) is the largest stock market in the world with the greatest market capitalization of listed companies and the highest trading volume, comprising several exchanges among which there are a total of as many as 5,000 companies listed on NYSE Euronext and Nasdaq Stock Market. According to the data from World Federation of Exchanges, in April 2018 the total market capitalization of New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq exceeded US$35 trillion. All companies listed in the U.S. are required to publish quarterly results, and to disclose important information in compliance with regulatory requirements under strict market supervision. All these make the U.S. stock market ideal to invest in.

Fee and Commission Detail Charged by
Commission 0.25% of transaction amount Target Capital
Settlement fee USD 0.003 per share (min. USD 0.01) US Settlement
SEC fee (for sell transaction only) 0.00051% of transaction amount (min. USD 0.01) SEC

Note: All the above information is subject to change without notice. Last updated in March 2021